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YouTube Tips for Absolute Beginners

Photo by Sara Kurfeß on Unsplash

It might seem overwhelming when you are just about to start making videos on YouTube. If you want to be a vlogger, you will have to start somewhere simple, and after making a few videos, you will begin to see how it all works. It is better to read up a little bit beforehand and follow a few simple guidelines to make your job easier.

Do Your Research

You know your topic well, but it would still benefit you to do a little bit of research about what other people are posting on your topic. A slight competitive analysis will not only give you ideas but also help you find your own unique voice. You should offer something unique of your own that others are not offering so you can stand out amongs your competitors.

Be Consistent

Once you start posting videos, it is a good idea to post regularly and maintain consistent quality. Figure out the goal for each video and practice a little bit before finalizing your video. In the beginning, you may have to discard a few runs before you are happy with your video. Pretty soon, you will start to get the hang of it.

Use SEO Techniques

A fundamental technique to use is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) so that your videos show up in your target audience feed. If you want your videos actually to rank on YouTube, you need to do a bit more than just upload your content. You need to give your video a descriptive title and use appropriate tags that are relevant for your topic. You can also add hashtags in the description of your video.

Have Good Audio

You should also ensure that your audio is of good quality without any distractions and disturbances. Be mindful of audio anytime you’re shooting outdoors. If you’re recording with your phone, make sure you’re not placing your finger over the microphone.

Use Simple Editing Software

Don’t start off with complicated editing software. Instead, opt for a simple one that lets you perform your job with less overhead, and you can still produce a good quality video. Windows Movie Maker is simple enough and will work for your needs.

Making YouTube videos can be rewarding and a lot of fun. Start simple and slow and work yourself up to a more complicated setup. Once you start to see subscriptions and views, your audience will provide suggestions and ideas for future uploads.


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