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Top New Android Apps for 2020

Top New Android Apps for 2020

Top New Android Apps for 2020.With so many apps coming out, it can be hard to keep up with the trends. Here are some of the best apps available from the Android App Store today.



We should all have a weather app on our phones. Get ready for real-time weather updates. It follows your location or you can search any place to have the weather at your fingertips. Weather is a necessary app, but 1Weather is a must with all it has to offer and its user-friendly interface.



Apple maps is a thing of the past. Waze alerts you to police cars on your route, vehicles pulled off to the shoulder, accidents, heavy traffic alerts, connects to Spotify, and much more. With these features, no other navigating app can compare. With its interconnection and updates, it allows you to travel with real-time traffic and communicate with other drivers on the road. Most people would not want to travel any other way.



Don’t you hate tapping at your keyboard? Now you can just simply swipe a finger along the keyboard and text even faster. This keyboard learns your tapping patterns to make things even more convenient, and it also includes emojis. This is a great way to enhance your phone’s abilities and make life a little easier.

Top New Android Apps for 2020.



It is just like it sounds. This app is free and a fun way to take notes. Made from the makers of Post-it, you can make cute little graphic notes just like you would on a normal Post-it. It is simple, but comes in handy when you need a reminder or need to take a quick note.


Google Drive

This is a really handy app for business people or even students. It is like having a cloud, where you can have access to all documents at all times. Photos, documents, spread sheets and more can be accessed with the touch of a fingertip. This is a great way to enhance productivity and work on the go. On top of productivity, it also has unlimited photo and storage back up, so if you get low on storage this is a great way to get it back or even back things up so you don’t lose anything. Google is also very versatile so you can access it on multiple mediums.

Top New Android Apps for 2020.


Search the Android App Store today to download these apps.


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