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Just Switched to Android? Here’s What You Need to Know

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If you have recently switched to an Android phone, you can benefit from knowing a few tricks. There are a number of smartphones that utilize the Android operating system, and while they may look different, their foundation is the same.

Android-Google Connection

You need to use a Google account in order to use an Android phone, which includes all Google apps such as Gmail, calendars, contact, Google Maps, etc. So to start with, you should get your Gmail account in order. If you are new to using a smartphone, you can do some of this pre-work using a desktop which will be easier to manage.

Get a Good Android Keyboard

Depending on which smartphone you are using, your default keyboard may not be that great. You can use any keyboard you want on your Android phone, and you should be able to get your favorite keyboard from Google Play.

Which Android Browser Works Best?

You have a choice of browsers on an Android phone. Chrome works best for most people, and it also provides access to your Google history. You can also have more than one browser and set one of them as your default.

If Your Data Is Not working

Sometimes smartphones can get into a weird state, and your data on your Android might stop working. In case that happens, try switching to airplane mode and then back, and hopefully things will start to work again.

If Your Wi-Fi Stops Working

If your Wi-Fi is giving you trouble, go to the settings app and toggle the Wi-Fi. This should re-establish your Wi-Fi connection.

How to Take an Android Screenshot

If you want to take a quick screenshot with your Android phone, all you have to do is simply hold standby and volume down at the same time. You’ll get a screenshot of whatever you want.

How to Use Android Folders

You can organize all your Android apps using folders. Instead of having loads of apps cluttering the real estate of your phone, you can neatly organize them into folders. To create a folder, just drag any app shortcut over another app, and you will see a folder being created. You can then name the folder whatever you like.

Getting used to a new phone or operating system can seem overwhelming at first, but after you organize a few apps and get your settings in order, it becomes second nature.


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