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How to Prevent Your Phone from Being Hacked

how to prevent your phone from being hacked

    How to Prevent Your Phone from Being Hacked

Like every other person, you protect your phone with your life. You never go anywhere without it andmake sure it doesn’t go into anyone else’s hands. Can you imagine your privacy being violated by somehacker? No matter how much you protect your phone, it is still at risk of being hacked by a malware and susceptible to your data being leaked.

Listed here a few ways that will keep your phone and privacy safe
from being hacked.

Set a Password

Always keep your phone locked when not in use. Make sure you regularly change your password so that
others cannot guess it. If you find it hard to remember passwords, lock your phone using a pattern. This
isn’t as secure as a password but still works well. Phones today come with facial and voice detections,
this is the most secure your phone can get. Fingerprint security lets you unlock your phone using your
fingerprint sensor. Use any of those options to keep your phone locked.

How to Prevent Your Phone from Being Hacked

Phone Tracker

Most phones come with a tracker in it if your phone has one switch it on. If your phone has been
stolen you can track it using the tracker. You will also be able to lock your phone remotely making it
harder for hackers to access your data.

Keep your Phone’s Firmware Updated

Make sure that your phone’s firmware is the latest version available. Many phones will automatically
update the firmware but you do it manually if it doesn’t happen on your phone. You can download the
latest version directly on your phone as well.

Install Authentic Apps

Before you download any app on your phone, make sure to understand what you are getting. Read the
reviews and the credibility of the store and products to make sure you are getting safer apps in your
phone. Read and understand the permissions asked by the apps before you install them. If an app asks
for permission to access your personal information, deny it.
Don’t Leave Your Phone in Public Places
Avoid leaving your phone in places like your office or a restaurant. If you must leave your phone in the
open, always lock it and keep in hidden, like in a drawer or your bag.

Do Not Open Links Sent Via Text Messages

A common method for hackers to access your personal information and install malware on your phone
is by sending links to you through text messages. A message may look authentic like from your bank
asking about bank details. Never open such links and never send out sensitive information via text

Secure your Wi-Fi Networks

When you use a Wi-Fi network, make sure you use a secured connection. Insecure Wi-Fi networks are
easy platforms for hackers to access your phone and data. It is better to use your own cellular network
instead of public Wi-Fi.
Install a verified anti-virus app on your phone to protect your phone. If apps open automatically in your
phone and you notice the battery draining much faster, it is a clear indicator that your phone might be
hacked. How to Prevent Your Phone from Being Hacked

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