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How to Make Money While On Vacation

How to Make Money While On Vacation


        How to Make Money While On Vacation

Thinking of going on vacation soon? On average, a person spends about $1000 during the summer
vacations alone. That is a lot! Ever thought of making some money while you go on vacations? Yes, you
can do that and get some income recovered while you spend. And don’t worry; it does not include
temporary jobs that you don’t like.
Earning while you spend a luxurious day at the beach sipping on your favorite cocktail or getting
pampered at a spa sounds too good to be true – but it is possible by the following ways:

Put Your House up for Rent


Your house will be unoccupied for the next few months; it is totally cool to rent out your house. Using
apps like Airbnb, HomeAway, and Couchsurfing, you can look for travelers who can spend their vacations
occupying your house. You simply need to download the app and add in your details and get a tenant.
Do your research as the location of your house will be a big factor. Ask in your neighborhood about what
they are charging tenants to be competitive. The charges you can take from your tenant will vary in each
location, and the demand of the location will determine how much money you can make.How to Make Money While On Vacation

Put Your Parking Space up for Rent



Yes, you can do that too! If you have a parking spot in a high traffic area like near a metro station or the
city center, you can put it up for parking rent. Using apps like Craigslist and ParkingSpotter, you can add
in your details and make money while you are away. The rates will vary again based on the location and
if there is an event scheduled for when you will be away, you can charge a higher price.

Put Your Car up for Rent

 relayrides flightcar

If you are planning on leaving your car at the airport while you go away; why not make some money out
of that too? Using apps like RelayRides and FlightCar, you can put up your car up for rent! This option is
available for other travelers who are in your city for vacations. The rates will vary according to the model
and make year of your car and the mileage. Be sure to find out what you can charge for your vehicle.


Although it may sound like something you do not do on a vacation, but you can earn extra cash during
downtime. Vacations are fun but you do find some time on your hands which you can use for
freelancing photography and gigs. Make sure you have a computer and an internet connection for this
to work.

Sell Photos


You will be taking pictures on your vacations, right? Why not make some money out of that? Websites
like iStock and Shutterstock pay their contributors — ranging from a few cents to $100 — whenever a
picture is downloaded. Contribute your pictures on websites to make easy money.
These are a few ways that can help you earn a little extra cash while you are on vacation. There is
nothing better than having an income while you enjoy!

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