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How to Keep Your PC Secure From Hackers

how to keep your pc secure from hackers

                    how to keep your pc secure from hackers

Keeping your Desktop computer safe from malware and viruses has been an on-going battle since it
came into existence. Although there are simple ways of keeping yourself safe from PC hackers, they may
find a loophole and infest your system with viruses.
Using one method does not ensure total security but you can create layers to protect your computer
completely. The more layers of security your PC has, the harder it will be for hackers to get in your
computer and use it. All your data and files can be at a risk of being stolen or misused.
Using all the options listed below will ensure total security of your PC and the data it contains. Let’s go
through them one-by-one:

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1. Installing a Firewall

Just like in a building, a firewall is the first level of security and acts like a security guard placed on an
entryway. There are two types of firewalls, one protects the software and the other protects the
hardware. It creates a barrier that restricts any unauthorized data or program coming in your computer
through the internet. If your PC is at home, turning this firewall on permanently is a good idea as you
stay aware of any unauthorized efforts to use your computer.

2. Installing an Anti-Virus Software

An antivirus detects and removes any viruses that may attack your PC. The main purpose of an anti-virus
is to deal with software attacks that go wrong. Installing anti-virus may slow down your computer,
access personal files and delete some important files but it is worth it. Anti-virus programs help in
protecting your PC in real time. There is software that upgrades automatically and provides a pop-up
notification when a threat is detected. Advanced features may include email protections, theft identity,
and pop-up blocks.

3. Installing Anti-Spyware Software
Like Anti-viruses, spyware also works in real time. A spyware is a spy that gathers personal information
from a PC without the approval of the owner – hence the word Spyware. The gathered information is
transferred to a third-party website and very difficult to remove. Installing an anti-spyware will combat
such activities automatically. Most anti-virus software like Comodo Free Antivirus comes with an inbuilt

4. Using Secure and Complex Passwords

The first line of security that hackers find hard to break is complex and long passwords. A good, complex
password is usually 8 characters long with both uppercase and lowercase letters, at least one number
and special character like an exclamation mark. When hackers guess passwords to break into a system
they use certain tools to do that. Experts say that a simple lowercase password that is 6 characters long
takes less than 6 minutes to break.

5. Changing Security Settings of the Browser

Browsers on your PC have different settings that you can change. The privacy settings can be reviewed
and set to the desired level. Updated browsers allow you to turn off the movement tracker so there is
no trace of your activity on the browser. This increases your privacy a lot more.

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