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How To Hack a Website 2018 – Latest Hacking methods

How to Hack a Website 2018

            How To Hack a Website 2018

Hacking has been around for a long time. Since the start of the internet, the attempts by businesses and organizations to put up more and more websites online have been threatened by hackers trying to get unauthorized access to these websites.

Some do it for fun and some do it to test their skills as a hacking challenge. Some hackers do it with criminal intent trying to get financial benefits while there are also some hackers who do it to spread
awareness and take down government control. Some just do it to brag to their friends.

Regardless of the reasons why some people get into hacking and the ethical question of whether it is
morally right or wrong, we are going to take a look at some of the latest methods of hacking that are
expected to be in use for 2018.

DDoS Attack

DDoS Attack

This kind of hack is not aimed at gaining access to the system but shutting it down. A DDoS (Distributed
Denial of Service) attack sends a large number of data and instructions to the website which
overwhelms the server and freezes it.
In order to do this, the hacker first infects a large number of computers, which have low security, with
malware. The infected computers, termed as botnets, are then used to target a single website from
multiple locations around the world.
Usually, a DDoS is accompanied by a separate attack that gives the hacker access to the website.

how to hack a website 2018

Waterhole Attack

Waterhole Attack

The attacker hacks a readily accessible connection, such as an open source public Wifi. Any users that
connect to the Wifi hotspot and try to access a website will be susceptible to the hackers attack.

Bait and Switch

This kind of attack is quite common and useful for infecting systems. The hacker sends a genuine looking
document through a compromised website. If you the users click to accept, it downloads a virus or
Trojan onto the system which can be used to gain further access by disabling anti-virus protection and
firewall security.




This hacking trick has been around quite long and still popular among hackers because it is easy to use.
The hacker plants a Trojan on a website that prompts its user to download a file that seems legitimate
with the bait and switch hack. Once the Trojan is downloaded, it works as a log for all the key presses by
the user.
Hackers use this method to find out email address and passwords.

The XSS Attack

This is a newer technique where the hacker injects a website with malicious code through a cross-site
scripting attack. When a user visits the website, the code inserted into the web page’s source code run
on the client-side through the browser. This gives the attacker access to the user’s cookies and allows the
hacker to send HTTP requests from the visitor’s browser. As JavaScript is built into most modern
browsers, the attacker can also get access to a user’s geolocation, microphone, and webcam.how to hack a website 2018

Phishing Attacks

Phishing Attacks

The cookies stored on a web-browser can reveal the sites most accessed by users. These cookies can be
accessed with an XSS attack.
Once hackers find out a list of the most accessed sites and email address, they can send spam emails to
the victim with relevant sounding information, prompting the user to click on links within the email
which can download malware onto the user’s system.

Exploiting PHP Functions

Another hacking tactic being used is to manipulate the PHP code. PHP has hundreds of built-in functions
that can execute all kinds of tasks such as reading files, manipulating strings to query databases and
connecting to IRC server. Hackers can use these built-in codes to cause the script to execute commands.


Factoring RSA Export Keys attack was first discovered in 2015. A hacker can intercept the HTTPS
connection between servers and vulnerable clients. The clients are then redirected to vulnerable servers
forcing them to use a website’s weakened encryption with SSL security. Weak encryption can easily be
broken. After a client fills in sensitive information on the website’s form, the hacker cracks open the
database and can get access to details like credit card number, social security, address and bank
account, etc.


This is similar to a FREAK hack but is due to flaws in the TLS protocol rather than a vulnerability in
With a logjam attack, the hacker intercepts the connection between a website and visitors becoming a
middle-man. All communication between the two passes through the hacker’s network.
The hacker then proceeds to downgrade the TLS connection to a lower 512-bit cryptography. This
enables the hacker to easily read and modify any data that is transferring over the network. Any server

that allows DHE_EXPORT ciphers, as well as every latest web browser, can be quite easily infected by this

Web Timing Hacks

In this kind of attack, a hacker can try to work a cryptosystem by examining the time it takes to resolve
cryptographic calculations. Every logically solvable operation takes time to get executed. The difference
occurs because of the input provided.
By using reverse calculation, a hacker can measure the time it takes for each operation and cracks the
Hackers have predicted that modern web apps can be hacked remotely by using timing hacks.

Carding Dorks

Carding Dorks

This is a technique used by professional hackers where a malicious SQL statement is injected into a
website masked as a harmless SQL query which is executed on the server side.

Magic Hash Attack

Some cybersecurity experts found a weakness in the PHP execution of hash strings in certain situations.
The vulnerability can be used to attack authentication systems which will allow unauthorized access to
attackers who can steal personal information.

Exploiting XXE

XXE attack can be used against applications that parse XML input. A hacker can gain access to a weakly
configured XML parser by attacking a system that processes XML input containing a reference to an
external system. This will give the hacker access to confidential information, server-side request forgery
and even allow the attacker to scan ports from the point of the machine where the parser is situated.
The basic idea behind hacking remains the same in the latest hacking methods for 2018. Gain access to
the victim’s website, plant your Trojan and Malware to be downloaded by visitors and do everything as
quietly as possible. The most experienced and best hackers don’t brag about their hacking ability but
try to remain anonymous.how to hack a website 2018



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