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1st in Seo – How To Rank On Google

1st in seo

                                    1st in Seo

Seo (Search Engine Optimization) which is necessary to get visitors on your website or blog or any content from youtube and etc. seo is responsible to get more visitors on your website no matter how good your website is without doing proper seo you will not get traffic and will not generate any money from your website or blog.

1st in seo

To rank on google you have to remember these points so that you can understand

1st in seo

  1. on page SEO
  2. off page Seo
  3. proper keyword research
  4. proper website with proper navigation

these all are important to get a better result and 1st in search engine so, you have to make a website of your niche and then start researching best low competition keyword according to yo your topic and write minimum 300 words article on your blog or website and do seo.

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  1. on page seo : it means doing seo on your entire website like in articles and webpages in images and etc.
  2. off page seo : it means creating backlinks

so these are basic needs so that a website should rank on google if you will do these things it will help your website to rank

Then next thing comes is proper keyword research without doing keywords research you cannot rank your website because many more people are also making same content with that same keyword.

And Also you should de proper navigation to your website so that people should understand all navgation without any problem.

so i hope you understand this small article about seo in your website which will help your website to rank easily on google without any problem and hence you will get traffic and geniune visitor on your website which will increase you earning.if you have any quiery then contact me by contact form and i will try to help you from my email.1st in seo



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