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Best Picture Editing Apps for Your Android Phone


Best Picture Editing Apps for Your Android Phone

Taking pictures and editing them has become very easy. You don’t have to be a professional to add drama and enhancement to standard pictures. Play Store has tons of picture editing apps and choosing one can get overwhelming. Here, we have shortlisted a few apps that were put to the test and found best in their simplicity and results.

Google Snapseed

If an app can do what Google Snapseed can do, all the desktop photo editors can be put to shame. The amount of features packed inside this app is amazing. Apart from the usual rotation and cropping, Snapseed can modify the depth of a picture field. Photoshop has a feature called Aware Fill, where it expands the surroundings of the pictures to predict what it looks like and uses that as canvas.

Google Snapseed also has a similar tool called Expand. Another useful feature allows you to change the direction a person is facing in the picture. This app is free and of course comes with tons of filters that can customize pictures  according to your needs.

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Adobe Photoshop Express

A selection of some of the best Adobe’s features are packed in this Adobe Photoshop Express app, allowing you to edit on your tiny touchscreens. This app is easy to use and available for free on Play Store. You will be required to sign up for free on Adobe ID using your email address of Google account or your Facebook ID.

This has all basic photo editing tools like rotate, crop, red-eye reduction and brightness adjustments. A selection of other smart filters is what makes this app stand out! There are filters, which can adjust and auto-correct issues like fogging, color temperature and exposure problems. All these can be adjusted using simple sliders.


This app is for selfie lovers! If you love taking selfies and don’t mind hiding a little truth about your imperfections, this app is your best friend! Facetune will let you whiten teeth, adjust colors, blur imperfections and reshape your nose, face and body. All you need is a little pinching and pushing, and you are done! You can switch between original pictures and edited ones to keep yourself in check. Make sure you don’t go overboard! This app however isn’t free, it will cost you US$5.99.


Most editing apps include filters that can turn your pictures into artistic sketches and paintings. The results are usually terrible though. Prisma on the other hand is an exception. You can edit your picture to look like an oil painting or a sketch or a crayon drawing. You can even increase and decrease the level of editing to fit your needs. The app is for free and includes a fair amount of filters but additional ones are available for purchase.

These are by far the best picture editing apps available on Android right now. Install and use them to find out yourself. Happy editing!

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